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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Huntonia / Paciphacops Plate
Stock Number  TTOKX22

Name:   Huntonia oklahomae & Paciphacops campbelli
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  Haragan Formation
Location:  Coal County, Oklahoma
Size:  Huntonia is 2.3" long.
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This is an exquisitely-prepared plate of Devonian trilobites. This specimen was found in the Lower Devonian Haragan Formation of Southern Oklahoma. There are two different complete trilobites on the large, sculpted block of limestone. This piece is fully natural - the specimens have not been added or placed to achieve this beautiful association.

The large trilobite is Huntonia oklahomae. This specimen is somewhat contraflexed and nicely articulated. The large, crescent-shaped eyes are great - the individual lenses are very easily seen. It is very unusual to find a Huntonia with eyes this nice. In fact, it is extremely difficult to find a Huntonia that is this nice overall.

The smaller trilobite is Paciphacops campbelli. This bug is extremely inflated and 3-D. It is almost perfectly prone and very well articulated. The bug also has fine detail on the thick shell exoskeleton. Both dark caramel-colored trilobites contrast beautifully with the cream-colored matrix.

We took special care to expose and prepare this specimen to make it a unique Collector's Piece. It is one of the most aesthetic trilobite fossils from the Haragan Formation that we have ever encountered.

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