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Gorgeous Comurid Trilobite With Long Trident
Stock Number  TTMOS21

Name:   Unidentified Comurid With Long Trident
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  Hkushek Formation
Location:  Morocco
Size:  Trilobite is 2.5 inches along curve.
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Here is a beautiful trilobite. This is one of the Comurid-type trilobites with the long trident. The bug is contraflexed and beautifully articulated. It is very 3-dimensional and exhibits fantastic detail. This type has a long spine emanating from the top of each eye and a curved occipital spine. In addition, there are many, many short spines projecting straight up along the individual segments of the thorax and the pygidium. All of these spines, along with the genal spines, have been prepared in a free-standing manner. The large, crescent-shaped eyes are near perfect - the individual lenses are wonderfully intact and easily seen. The pustules on the cephalon are quite evident. The thoracic pleurons extend into sharp needle-like spines. There are, also, many spines coming off of the somewhat rounded, triangular pygidium. The trilobite has great color and contrast. It is well positioned on the oval block of limestone matrix. Perhaps the most unusual feature of this trilobite is the long trident-like appendage projecting in front of the cephalon. What could possibly be the purpose of this appendage? This is a gorgeous specimen of one of the most unusual trilobites in the fossil record.

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