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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Arctinurus with Bite Marks
Stock Number  TTNYA902

Name:   Arctinurus boltoni
Age:  Middle Silurian
Formation:  Rochester Shale
Location:  Middleport, New York
Size:  Trilobite is 4.6 inches long
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This is a rare U.S. trilobite with a story. It is a complete Arctinurus boltoni from the Silurian of New York. This is one of the most sought-after and displayable types of trilobites in the world. We collected the quarry for a year, and only found a handful of complete specimens. This trilobite was collected by Eugene Thomas in 2002 and was just now prepared. This wonderfully articulated trilobite is very prone and exhibits fine detail. The cephalic process, eyes, and bulbous glabella of the trilobite are easily seen. The pleural spines terminate in sharp points and the broad, fan-shaped pygidium is beautifully displayed. The entire carapace of the trilobite is covered with pustules. Now comes the story - the right side of the trilobite exhibits clearly defined bites! The predator was probably a large fish or similar carnivore of the Silurian sea. Did this bite cause the trilobite to die? We will never know for sure. However, the bite mark appears to have healed prior to fossilization, so maybe the critter survived the attack. Elrathia are occasionally found with predation scars, but very few Arctinurus have been found with bite marks. This is a great example of this highly collectible Lichid trilobite.

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