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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - NY Ceraurus with Epibiont
Stock Number  WRCX22

Name:   Ceraurus pleurexanthemus
Age:  Upper Ordovician
Formation:  Rust Limestone, Denley Formation, Trenton Group
Location:  Walcott-Rust Quarry, Trenton Falls, New York
Size:  Plate is 9.4 inches across!
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This is a fabulous Ordovician sea floor bottom plate with a story to tell. It is a slab with two Ceraurus pleurexanthemus and a fabulous Cincinnaticrinus varibrachialus from the famous Walcott-Rust Quarry near Trenton Falls, New York. Ceraurus is one of the original trilobites that Charles Walcott and William Rust made famous over a century ago! Both Ceraurus are prone and complete, one being very large for its type. The trilobites have fine detail preserved, showcasing the pustulated, thick shell exoskeleton beautifully. The bugs are naturally spaced and well showcased on the limestone plate that also has a beautiful Cincinnaticrinus varibrachialus crinoid preserved. But the amazing feature of this fossil is the distinct bryozoan Epibiont growing across the back of the trilobite! It is extremely rare in the fossil record to find evidence this compelling of an Epibiont growth on a trilobite. Anyone who knows anything about the history of US trilobites knows how important a fossil like this is - it is a piece of WRQ history. It is a rare association of Ceraurus trilobites and a Cincinnaticrinus crinoid with an even rarer Epibiont on the trilobite.

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