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Rare Phacops cristata pipa From Pennsylvania
Stock Number  TTUSX68

Name:   Phacops cristata pipa
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  Onondaga Formation (Needmore Shale)
Location:  Perry County, Pennsylvania
Size:  Trilobite is 1.2'' across and about 2.7'' around curve
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Here is a very rare US trilobite. It is a Phacops cristata pipa from the Devonian of Pennsylvania. This trilobite was collected many years ago and just now prepared. This type of Phacopid has small, pointed genal spines and pronounced nodes or short spines on the thoracic segments. This partially enrolled trilobite is complete and quite large for the type. The bug is extremely 3-dimensional, and the thick-shelled exoskeleton is wonderfully preserved. The trilobite is nicely articulated and exhibits excellent detail. All of the individual lenses of the compound eyes are easily seen, and the pustulose nature of the large glabella is very evident. The ancient arthropod has outstanding color and contrast and is beautifully displayed on the natural pillar of matrix on which it was found. This is a great example of this highly collectible trilobite from Pennsylvania.

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