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DeROSEAR COLLECTION - Impeccable Breviphillipsia
Stock Number  TTUSX35

Name:   Breviphillipsia sampsoni
Age:  Mississippian
Formation:  Chouteau Formation
Location:  Saline County, Missouri
Size:  Trilobite is 0.55 inches long.
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Here is a gorgeous example of Breviphillipsia sampsoni from the Mississippian of Missouri. This trilobite is fully inflated and beautifully articulated. Both free cheeks are intact and tightly attached. This thick-shelled bug is perfectly prone and exhibits wonderful detail. The protruding eyes are quite evident and the entire carapace is covered with granulations. There is absolutely NO REPAIR OR RESTORATION to this magnificent trilobite. The trilobite is an unusual light brown color and contrasts extremely well with the light gray matrix. It is well positioned on the large, natural plate. This trilobite is as good as it gets! Doug was among the first collectors of this site and probably collected it more extensively than anyone. Out of the many Breviphillipsia that he collected, this trilobite was one of the few he kept in his personal collection. This specimen was collected in 1985. This site is now covered with tons of rock.

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