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Prone Illaenus With Asaphids & Cystoid
Stock Number  TTRI13

Name:   See Description
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Asery Level
Location:  St. Petersburg, Russia
Size:  Illaenus is 2.4 inches long
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Here is a unique multiple specimen of fossils from the Ordovician of Russia. At the top of the slab is a semi-enrolled example of Asaphus (Neoasaphus) cornutus. This trilobite is complete (although the cephalon cannot be seen in the picture) and has great eyes. In the center of the plate is an almost perfectly prone specimen of Illaenus sinuatus. This is a very rare posture for this unusual trilobite. Illaenus are almost always found with the head in a tucked position. This trilobite has a large, bulbous cephalon and is beautifully articulated. Near the bottom of the plate is an Asaphus expansus. This trilobite is enrolled and has very short eyes. All of the trilobites are 3-dimensionally preserved and exhibit good detail. They have nice color and contrast well with the light-colored matrix. There is also a partial cystoid, Echinosphaerites sp., on this multiple plate. This is an extremely interesting slab of three different trilobites associated with a primitive echinoderm.

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