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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Ordovician Microcosm
Stock Number  TTCAX42

Name:   Trilobites and Crinoids
Age:  Ordovician
Formation:  Bobcaygeon
Location:  Ontario, Canada
Size:  Plate is 3.8" X 4.6"
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This is one of the most diverse plates of Ordovician invertebrates we have ever seen. It is a slab with four different species of trilobites and a rare crinoid ALL on one rock. There are two Ceraurus sp., one at the top of the plate, and one on the right side. The one at the top is a ventral, with the hypostoma (mouthplate) present and still attached. Directly under the Ceraurus on the right is a rare, unidentified crinoid. This is an unusual type we have never seen associated with trilobites before. To the left of the crinoid, is a complete Bumastoides milleri. This specimen is outstretched and is probably the best example of this type we have had (it is much better than the photo shows!) The Bumastoides is sitting on a partial Isotelus, which is unusual from this formation. But the real treat on this plate is the trilobite to the left of the Bumastoides. It is a complete "Calyptaulax", probably C. lincolnensis. This specimen is nicely outstretched and has great detail. The thick shell exoskeleton is almost totally intact, which is VERY unusual. This is a top-quality bug that just happens to be part of an amazing association plate. This is a one-of-a-kind fossil with many rare Ordovician trilobites represented - and a crinoid thrown in for good measure!

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